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This is a result-oriented role. We are looking for passionate, aggressive technical recruiters who will play a pivotal role in fulfilling hiring targets for some of our prestigious clients. This position is tailored for women who are eager to make a meaningful impact in the recruitment field while enjoying the flexibility of remote work. You will collaborate with teams, leverage your unique experiences, and play a key role in building a talented and diverse workforce.



Key Responsibilities:


• Partner with hiring managers to understand technical roles and requirements, utilizing your insights to identify the right candidates.

• Develop innovative sourcing strategies, including utilizing your network, online platforms, and industry events, to find potential candidates.

• Screen resumes, conduct initial virtual interviews, and assess candidates’ technical skills and fit for our culture.

• Manage and coordinate interview processes, ensuring a smooth and positive candidate experience.

• Provide input and suggestions to enhance our remote recruitment strategies and processes.

• Participate in virtual events, webinars, and networking opportunities to stay updated and grow professionally.

• Embrace diversity and inclusion by considering a wide range of perspectives in the hiring process.




• Previous experience as a technical recruiter with a proven track record of hiring IT skills

• Strong understanding of technical roles, skills, and technologies across industries.

• Excellent communication and virtual interpersonal skills for effective candidate and team interaction.

• Ability to manage remote tasks, meet deadlines and excel in an evolving environment.

• Familiarity with remote collaboration tools and applicant tracking systems (ATS) is a plus.

• Openness to learning and adapting to new methods and tools.

• Passion for contributing to a diverse and inclusive remote work culture.




• This is a high-incentive role based on the number of positions you are able to close.

• Flexibility to work remotely, balancing your personal and professional commitments.

• Opportunity for continuous learning and skill development through virtual resources.

• Chance to engage with a collaborative and supportive virtual work environment.

• Be part of an organization that values the contributions of women returning to work.


If you are a motivated and skilled woman seeking to transition back to the workforce in a remote freelance role that appreciates your experiences and skills, we encourage you to apply for the position of Remote Freelance Technical Recruiter at Peel-Works. We look forward to welcoming you to our remote team and supporting your career journey ahead!



Service Commission

Recruitment Services Rs.20,000 base salary per month plus Rs. 10,000 per Onboard. Payment for every candidate who is onboarded successfully and billed and collected.

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