Full Time
Employment Info

Roles and Responsibilties: 
• Safely and efficiently operate an EV to deliver packages, food orders, or other items to customers.
• Manage assigned routes effectively, utilizing navigation tools and optimizing delivery schedules to ensure prompt and accurate deliveries.
• Carefully handle and secure packages during transit to prevent damage or loss.
• Provide outstanding customer service by delivering items with a friendly demeanor, ensuring customer satisfaction and resolving any delivery-related issues that may arise.

• Valid driver’s license (for motorized vehicle riders) or proficiency in cycling (for bicycle riders).
• Excellent driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.
• Strong time management and organizational abilities, with the capacity to prioritize tasks effectively.
• Exceptional customer service skills with a friendly and professional demeanor.
• Physically fit and able to lift and carry moderately heavy packages.
• Familiarity with navigation tools and the ability to use GPS devices or smartphone applications effectively.
• Prior experience in delivery or a similar role is preferred but not required.
• Flexibility to work in shifts, including weekends and holidays, based on business needs.

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