Job Search Tips for Recent Graduates

Congratulations on completing your education and stepping into a whole new world. As a recent graduate, you have a long path ahead of you. Are you looking forward to launching your career immediately, but unsure about how to begin your job search? Have you zeroed in on your dream job and thinking of the right way to land it?

Worry not! We are here to guide you with tips on the nuances of job search, which will eventually help recent graduates land their first job.

Begin With A List

Make a list of the fields and roles you want to apply for. Jot down the companies you would like to work for. Find out about career growth in those companies and jobs, check if they match your expectations.

Introspect on which kind of job would motivate you daily and where you can shine with your abilities and skills. This ensures your job search to be clear and filtered.

Do Your Due Diligence

Once you finalize the companies and jobs you want to apply for, search for them online. Read about the job descriptions thoroughly. You need to know what they expect from your role. This includes the knowledge and skill set the role requires. For recent graduates, the key to confidence is being prepared.

Establish A Professional Online Presence

A strong online presence on professional networks is essential. Since you are a recent graduate add in your educational accomplishments, internships, voluntary services you did in your community. Also add in soft skills trained, additional languages learned, and sports awards.

Keep it professional. In order to make a positive impression on recruiters, your profile must be updated with your latest details.

Start Networking

Networking is essential for all job seekers, especially recent graduates. In order to get a foothold in your career, you would need to set yourself up with meaningful and fruitful connections. Refer to our networking post for more information.

Up Skill Yourself

If you feel the need to learn some skills before your job search, it is very positive. Make sure this skill will propel you in your career. Sign yourself up for the course, be it online or in person.

Prepare An Impressive Résumé

Draw up an immaculate résumé to share. This will be your identity and entry into any organization. Key points to remember while preparing this document:

1. Keep it precise and crisp.

2. Unless the job is creative or artistic, keep the tone formal. An assortment of formats are available online. Choose one that looks formal.

3. Do not fabricate any of the details on your résumé. Keep it honest.

4. Do not add personal details like hobbies or marital status.

5. Revise your document in accordance with the company and the job you are applying for each time.

6. It is advisable to include a cover letter with your résumé. Cover letters showcase why you would be a good fit for the role and provide a personal touch.

Start Applying For Jobs

You can apply for jobs either through job search platforms or directly through the company’s website. Most often, companies update their ‘Careers/Work With Us’ page with their latest job openings. So, you can learn more about them when you visit their sites.

Keep a track of all the jobs you have applied for so far. Have mock interview sessions with friends or family members in order to build your confidence.

Hope this article provides helpful tips for your job search. Best of luck locking down the job offer you want and launching your career.

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