Exploring Non-Traditional Career Paths

The most sought-after career fields change with time. Right now, IT rules the roost, with people rushing in to get placed as software developers and data scientists. The second-most popular career path is engineering. A few decades ago, medicine and engineering were the most popular career paths.

Although each and every one of us may have a passion for a different field, we may end up choosing the most traditional path to ensure financial and job security. Although it may at first help us secure our financial status in life, in the long run, it may result in a vacuum. The drive and passion to work on a daily basis may dwindle, as our real passion may lie well outside our chosen career.

In the past few years, non-traditional career paths have opened up a number of job opportunities for people. In other words, if your passion lies outside of traditional careers, then you should pursue a job you are truly passionate about.

Some of the Non-Traditional Career Paths:

1. Culinary Field:

The food industry is always a happening one. There are a wide array of jobs that this non-conventional path offers. Head chef, Sous chef, Pastry chef, Gourmet chef, Personal chef, Ice-Cream/Dessert maker, Wedding cake maker/designer, Chocolatier, Caterer, Recipe developer, Food critic, Food consultant, Nutritionist, Molecular gastronomist, Flavour chemist, Sommelier, Health coach—based on the area you choose, you can opt for one amongst these. All the star-ranked hotels and restaurants hire the crème de la crème, and you can be one of them. Freelancing and starting a business are also possible here, as you can work with many top-notch clients and make a name for yourself.

2. Writing Field:

An individual can score different kinds of roles in the writing field. Writing jobs range from non-technical and creative roles like Author, Content writer, Ghost writer, Creative writer, Speech writer, Copywriter, Blogger, Personal assistant to technical roles such as Technical writer, Medical writer, Grant writer, Resume writer, Proposal writer, Journalist. Other roles include Editor, Proofreader, Publisher, Social media manager, Content Strategist, Translator, etc. The main advantages of some of the jobs in this field are flexibility in time and remote working conditions.

3. Photography Field:

The demand for phenomenal photos in every business has skyrocketed in the past few years, which has made it a very up-and-coming field. Some people who once dabbled in photography as a hobby have now turned it into their full-time profession. The different types of photographer roles in demand are: Wildlife photographer, Scientific photographer, Portrait photographer, Commercial photographer, Wedding photographer, Fashion photographer, Product photographer, Food photographer, Art photographer, Architectural photographer, Travel photographer, Event photographer, Sports photographer, Freelance photographer, and many more.

4. Events Management Field:

As many corporate and personal events have happened on a grand scale in the recent years, a huge empire has been built in this field, which has opened up various job opportunities for people who have a flair for communication, networking, multitasking, and time and people management. Event coordinator, marketing coordinator, event operations manager, special events manager, meeting planner, operations supervisor, program coordinator, volunteer coordinator, and director of special events are some of the jobs in this industry.

5. Fashion and Design Field:

The fashion and design industries need people with similar creative and fast-paced styles. In addition to knowing the latest trends, you have to be extremely creative and open-minded. The types of jobs present in this field are: Sales associate, Fashion designer, Merchandiser, Stylist, Inventory planner, Account manager, Fashion consultant, Textile designer, Technical designer, Creative director, Production manager, Quality assurance manager, Graphic designer, Interior designer, Fashion model, and the like.

The industries listed above are just some examples of non-traditional industries. There are many more fields, such as Hotel and Hospitality, Entertainment and Media, News, Fitness, Sports, Gaming, etc. Based on what you truly are passionate about, you can find your own path and thrive in your career. Head to 1SF to seek the job that your heart desires. All the best.

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